About Maja

There is no creativity where there is no space. Creating, development and learning call for emptiness.

Emptiness does not have to be, as it might seem, empty. On the contrary it is a time when you allow thoughts and emotions to move freely. When you engage in everything and nothing at the same time, you set your thoughts into movement. And it is possible to find new solutions. 

Far away from the city, in the forest alongside the gravel roads I have found a place where my heart sings. As the yarn leaps between my fingers and supporting my thoughts and while the dog and cat lay peacefully beside me, I can hear the silence.

Sometimes I just lay out resting in the garden and listen to the sound of the aspen tree leaves rustling in the wind. After a while I get back into the studio and then I know exactly how to combine those images to a sequence or visualize that model of thoughts.