Privacy policy

  1. Purpose

We want you to feel safe when making a purchase at our website and we will treat personal information (personal data) about you with care.

This integrity policy states how we collect and use your personal data and explains your rights.

Maja På Näset AB, organisation number 556998 – 8248, is responsible personal data controller. The company conducts the web page

It is our responsibility to make sure your personal data is treated in a correct and safe way and in accordance with the law. In this privacy policy we use the phrase “personal data” to describe data that can direct or indirectly identify you. It is important that you read and understand this privacy policy before making a purchase at our web page. The purpose of collecting personal data is principally to fulfil our obligations to you as a client according to our agreement. We will only treat the personal data which is mandatory when you as a client make a purchase.

We collect the following personal data:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • E-mail address

  1. Your rights

You have the right to request a register extract where you can see the personal data we have about you. If any information that is registered is inaccurate or inconclusive, you have the right to request a correction. 

You have the right to get your personal information deleted under the following circumstances:

  • If the data / information is no longer needed for the purpose that they were collected for. 
  • If the personal information has been stored with your consent / approval and you withdraw the consent / approval.
  • If the storage of the data is based on balancing of interests and there are no justified / legitimate reasons for any interests that are considered more important than your interest. 
  • If personal information has been treated / handled illegally.
  • If deleting is needed / required to reach / meet legal obligations.
  • If you object to processing the data as for direct marketing purposes.
  • The right to have personal information deleted does not apply if we are by law obliged to store and retain the data / information. As for accounting purposes.

In case we are prevented from complying with a request for deletion, we will instead block the personal data from being used for purposes other than the purpose that prevents the requested deletion. 

You have the right for data portability (the right to have your personal data transferred) under conditions that the legal basis is consent or contract and that what you can receive is personal information / data that concern you, that you personally have provided or that has been generated by your actions / activities. 

You have the right to request that the treatment of your personal data is limited. If you request a limitation in the handling of your personal data, it can have the effect that we are not able to fulfil our possible obligations towards you during the period that the limitations apply. 

You have the right to object against handling of personal data that has balancing of interest as legal basis. For us to be able to continue with the current handling of the data we need to show a compelling reason for the handling of the data that is more significant than your interest, rights and freedom. In other cases, we can only handle the information to confirm, exercise or defend legal claims. 

You always have the right to object against your personal data being used for direct marketing purposes. If an objection is made towards data use for direct marketing, the personal data cannot be handled for such purposes. If you are not pleased with the answer you receive from us, you then have the right to send in your complaints to the legal supervisory authority.

You execute your rights by sending your request to us.

  1. How we treat your personal data

We use IT systems to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and access to personal data. Only the persons who need to process your personal data in order for us to fulfil our stated purposes are given access to them. 

  1. Third parties

To fulfil our obligations and to deliver the ordered goods and services to you, the following companies will have access and treat some personal data:

  • Stripe – name, address, payment details, e-mail address
  • Bernskiöld Media – name, address, payment details, e-mail address, invoicing details
  • Binero – name, address, payment details, e-mail address, invoicing details
  • Swish – payment information, name, social security number, phone number
  • Fortnox – invoicing details
  • Mailchimp – name, e-mail address

Maja Larsson
Maja På Näset AB