Sustainability policy

Working as self-employed, even I can make a difference. I would like to work so that I can, in small ways, contribute to shaping a world in which we all, plants, animals and human beings can grow and live a worthy life. 

Digital image crafting

Maja På Näset offers you services and products that are available regardless of where you are. From my studio north of Uppsala I can reach out to clients all over the world. This gives me the opportunity to work with organisations and companies from many different domains.

For you as customer

The latest digital techniques and delivery with the highest quality

You consult me for commissions where you wish for strong visual communication. It could be a working process, a model of thoughts or a conversation that needs to be concretized and made understandable for everyone involved. It could be something you need to communicate. I help you with visual project management and can strengthen your intern competence in visual communication. I produce material with the latest technology and deliver images with the highest quality.

My intention is always that the material you receive, or the competence you acquire, should give you and your business great value and use during many years ahead.

The tools and technical equipment I have invested in is carefully chosen to sustain for a long time.

Gentle for our environment and cost efficient for you

When you choose to use my services, you only pay for the value of what I deliver and at the same time you contribute to not putting a further strain on the climate, for example through unnecessary business travels and transports.

Flexible, available and fast delivery

It is easy for us to find time for an online meeting, so that we can discuss an ongoing project. You can also expect fast deliveries when you need it.

We have access to my entire studio. Everyday. This means that I can build services and products freely based on you and your business’s needs, instead of using the tools I would be limited to choose during a business trip.

Follow along with me in the drawing programs when I share my screen. Together we can adjust and develop the work further.


In the studio there are also recording possibilities so that I can deliver a voice over or record a film. I can also assist you with the script. Together we can make textile printing or experiment with a new graphic profile to strengthen your brand. Every tool is close at hand, which in turn gives us close to unlimited possibilities!

Courses and workshops

You can easily book courses and get customized tutoring in everything that evolves visual communication.

As a pedagogue, I see many benefits of online courses and workshops. The content can be divided into shorter lectures and adapted to you and your business’s needs and possibilities. Tasks and rundowns can be placed during a longer period of time, which affects the learning process positively. I am careful with giving time for reflection and learning in a calm environment when we work online.

Creativity, recreation and growth

With only a few steps to my studio there is time left for physical exercise, recovery and recreation after a day of work. For me, this is the best imaginable foundation for creative work. It is out in the free, in the nature, where the best ideas come to my mind. You can therefore expect that services and products created in my studio are allowed to have both time and place to constant develop and improve.

What I give you from this place in the universe contains all this.


Maja Larsson, Image crafting
Bildverkstan, Maja På Näset AB